Katja House

Katja House stands on a wonderful site nestling in the foothills of the Valley of Bhadgaon, just 5km outside the ring road surrounding Kathmandu, not far from the airport. The decision to locate outside Kathmandu was a deliberate one, pollution being an ever-increasing hazard.

The Katja House Hostel

You take the road to Gadawari (Botanical Garden), through a succession of villages, and rise gently into the hills, along crumbling tracks.

There, brightly shining in the sun, shepherded between two villages, lies the newly-built hostel, clean and neat, an oasis of tranquillity.

Running down from the mountains, a small stream curves around and below the white-painted building.

The Katja House Hostel from within

Katja Foundation Trust owns the hostel and the acre (5,000 sq m) of land which surrounds it.

It’s the perfect spot for young people to grow and develop.

The decision was made early to restrict the work of the Foundation to 52 children, at least in the near future, to do the job of nurturing properly, and the facilities of Katja House are exemplary, of a quality seldom seen in deprived Nepal.

View from Katja House

Each child shares a large, fully furnished room with three others. Of the thirteen rooms, seven are for girls.

The toilets and showers are close at hand and are well-supplied with hot water, thanks to the introduction of ‘solar power.’

There are separate study, dining and recreation facilities, the surrounding grounds offer gardens and play areas.

Quarters for the supervisory staff are on-site, additional staff live in the village. A married couple act as house parents, guided by the local Trustees.

Already Katja House has become the model to which others aspire.