Our School

It is the ambition of the Foundation to offer a first-rate education to the children under our care. It is our ambition to improve the lives of about 50 youngsters and turn them into responsible, well-educated adults who will return something to the society from which they have sprung. But each child is an individual, with individual needs and we are conscious of doing what is best for their -and their country’s- future.Vocational training and education, as much as academic achievement, is a target. Eventually we envisage that some of our ‘graduates’ will assume the roles our present Trustees hold and expand the ideals of the Foundation to benefit more of Nepal’s young people in turn.

The process begins with ‘education’ and Katja House is fortunate in having the Little Angels’ School just 3km away. Effective education must be paid for in Nepal. Schools’ standards and facilities vary
from good to well-meaning to shocking. Education is seen as a privilege, to be enjoyed by the fortunate few.

The Little Angels’ School (LAS) is privately funded , founded in 1981, and has established itself as one of the top schools in Nepal. With over 5,000 high school students its teaching staff of more than 200 teachers, fully supported by well-equipped classrooms and facilities, has sustained a high standard of all round educational and academic excellence.

Students at the Little Angel’s School

Since 2007 we started to take in a new generation of young children into Katja House as the older ones leave. The young new children are enrolled at the Pushpanjali School in nearby Godavari village. Over the past 15 years Pushpanjali School has established its credentials with academic achievement equal to that of LAS.

All our older children completed schooling at Little Angels’ School in 2012 and continued their education in vocational and other higher educational colleges. As of 2013 all our school children at Katja House attend Pushpanjali School.

School fees represent over 50% of total operating cost in caring for the children.

Pushpanjali  Primary School.JPG
Pushpanjali Primary School
Pushpanjari Secondary School
Pushpanjari Secondary School
New sports ground and sports hall at Pushpanjali school.JPG
New sports ground and sports hall at Pushpanjali school