At the time this web-site was first prepared (Nov 2000), seventeen (17) fortunate children were in the care of Katja House. Since 2002, we have a full house.  All were settled into the comfortable, reassuring routine of a normal, protective domestic life.

Their daily needs are supplied, the things we take for granted. Clothes, food, a little TV, a bed for the night.

In keeping with the principles of the Foundation, Katja House supplies the roof over their heads, fully supporting their day- by-day living and educational costs.

Each child is presently supported by a generous sponsor

As parents will know, it is not cheap to provide for a child, even in Third World Nepal. Not everybody can afford to be so giving, so generous, to a stranger, even when he or she is only 6 years old.

The compensation is the chance to see a child mature and develop, to grasp the lifeline of education and reach for a rewarding future.

Can you help us “give a child a future?”

Katja House and the Katja Foundation can presently look after 80 children only at any one time, but at least that means 80 children with a chance.

By being a sponsor or a donor,

  • You will be helping to provide the education to realise each child’s innate potential.
  • You will be helping to provide for each child’s food, clothes, and a caring structured home

No child will leave Katja House before he or she is ready to meet the demands of life in Kathmandu and Nepal with at least a fighting chance,

  • With the skills of reading and writing.
  • With the benefits of coming from a secure, settled ‘home’.

To fully support a child in Katja’s care from clothing to classroom costs US$90 per month, (about US$50 of which is school fees) It’s not cheap but it covers everything.

We are happy to accept part sponsors, full sponsors or groups.

Any donations, too, are gratefully received, whether in money or in kind.

No contribution is too small, every contribution is important. There’s a child’s future at stake.

We’ve been pleased to welome support from friends from America, Australia, UK, Germany and Hong Kong, many of them old and new Hong Kong hands.

If you feel you would like to be involved in our project, or you would like to find out more, please contact us through email. It would be a pleasure for us to talk to you.

Dr. Wing Cheung wingdna@gmail.com
Mr. Tulsi Gyawali gtulsi@wlink.com.np
Ms Kay Church kaychurch1@gmail.com
Mr. David Howells howells838@btinternet.com

Remember, we are a non-profit making charity, registered in Hong Kong, and all our income goes directly to where it counts most -the children. There are no third party deductions, no administration costs. Not many charities can say this.

We do need your help so please think about what you can do.

All of our existing sponsors are in direct contact with the child they sponsor through letters, emails and even by phone. We encourage this very much. Many of the sponsors have met their “adopted” child by visiting Kathmandu. Our Trustees in Kathmandu are always more than happy to look after visiting sponsors

Rights of the Child
UNICEF has declared that ‘every child has the right to play, the right to be loved, the right to be educated.’

Our Foundation is a small contribution to a horrendous problem.
We are never going to make more than a small ripple in the pond, but at least 50 ‘survivors’ will be able to face the future better prepared and with some hope and confidence.

Help us give a future to those in our trust.