The Katja Foundation, a charity registered and recognised in Hong Kong, was established by Trust Deed dated 29th July 1998.

A non-profit making body, the Foundation’s brief is to promote, advance and carry out charitable and educational work, especially for orphaned or abandoned children in Nepal.

The Trustees of the Foundation are:

  • Wing Cheung, retired Hong Kong businessman and teacher in Sydney
  • Ms Kay Church, retired teacher from Island School now in France
  • Ms Sue Li, retired business woman in Hong Kong
  • David Howells, retired teacher from Island School now in Wales
  • David Reeves, retired teacher from Island School now in France
  • Aaron Cheung, IT professional in Sydney
  • Paul Harries, teacher from Island School in Hong Kong

The Katja Foundation Trust, a sister organization, was established and registered in Nepal in 1998 to carry out the work of the Foundation in Kathmandu.

The Trustees are:

  • Tulsi Gyawali, Managing Trustee and businessman in Nepal
  • Jyotsna Gyawali, wife of Tulsi
  • Wing Cheung
  • David Howells
  • Ms Kay Church

The Founding Trustee

H.Lorenz_small.jpgHenrik Lorenz, the founding Trustee, sadly died on 16th December 2006. He donated the total funds initially to purchase the land, build and furnished Katja House. Without him Katja House would not exist. He is sadly missed by all the children, staff and fellow Trustees of Katja Foundation and Katja Foundation Trust.

The Henrik Lorenz Charity Foundation continues to fund almost 50% of the financial requirements of Katja Foundation, Katja Foundation Trust and Katja House.